Work Weekends

Join us for Work Weekend
at either Deerfoot Lodge ADK (NY) or Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge (NC)
May 25-28, 2018 (Memorial Day Weekend)
October 5-8, 2018 (Columbus Day Weekend)

Registration for Fall Work Weekend At Deerfoot Adirondack will open in September(New York)

DL Blue Ridge welcomes Volunteers all summer and fall of 2018. Contact Chief Nick or visit the Volunteer Page for more work events.


General Information about Work Weekends:  Deerfoot work weekends are for adult volunteers who love the ministry of Deerfoot Lodge. Successful Work Weekend volunteers come with an attitude to serve and desire to work hard. The food is fantastic, the setting pristine, the fellowship is sweet, and the work will send you home tired! Trade experts and volunteers with skills are always needed, but there is plenty to do for the most 'skill-deficient' person who is willing to work. In addition to ten hour work days, work weekenders fellowship together around the Lord's Table on Sunday a.m. This is a special time of communion together as we remember the death and suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ. For many, the time around the Table at DL is a treasured moment and a highlight of the weekend.

Accommodations are rustic. In most of the living areas of camp, there is no electricity or running water. Bring a sleeping bag, warm clothing, and a working flashlight! Because of the nature of work around camp, children and pets are not invited (with few exceptions that are pre-approved by Chief Craig or Chief Nick).

Registration is required and necessary to help us plan for food and housing. 

For more information about the Deerfoot Work Weekends email one of our Summer Camp Directors:   

Chief Craig, Deerfoot Adirondack (NY)       Chief Nick, Deerfoot Blue Ridge (NC)