Deerfoot Vision to Reach More Boys

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  In recent years, Chief Ron and the Board of Directors have been prayerfully and earnestly seeking the Lord's will for Deerfoot's future.  We're sensing His leading to a new era of Deerfoot ministry to reach more boys and men with the mission to be and build godly men.   

  The deep needs of boys and men today, combined with the 'capacity crisis' we are experiencing at camp, drive us to prayerfully explore every 'out-of-the-box' idea we can think of. We're thinking boldly and globally about where the Lord might lead.


Currently, Deerfoot vision is directed toward three initiatives as we seek to be a catalyst toward the personal, spiritual, relational and missional growth of men.

The first is to solve the wait list ‘problem’. Too many campers are being turned away each summer. Of the 118 campers in 2014 who were left on the wait list, over one half were of the Indian/Voyageur age group (15-17 years old) and most of those would have been returning campers. At such a critical age period for young men and we feel the call to do ALL we can to reach them.

In the Spring of 2015, the Deerfoot Board of Directors announced a vision to replicate Deerfoot Lodge in a new geographic location. For more information, read 'A Vision to Reach More Boys' in the Spring Deerfoot Tracks Newsletter. We are currently in the process of searching for a suitable property in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain regions. 

The second is to develop off-season brotherhood opportunities for men to connect with others and be encouraged to live as godly men. Off-season adventures, such as Winter Treks, are part of our vision to connect Deerfooters outside of summer for the purpose of Christ-centered community and growth. Expect more opportunities in future years.

The third is to spark a movement of mentoring relationships. Two years ago, we added a new year-round staff member, Chief Nick Isder, who travels to visit and pursue young men (current and recent staff). Chief Nick is working hard to raise up a network of men discipling men.

How can you help?  
At this point in time the most important thing to do is to PRAY! We're earnestly seeking the Lord's direction in the next steps. If you can commit to prayer about this at least once per week, we would like to invite you to join a Vision Prayer Team. As a member of the Vision Prayer Team, Chief Ron will send you periodic updates about meetings and topics for specific prayer.

Click here to sign up for the Vision Prayer Team 

This Vision will require high participation from the Deerfoot family and beyond.  Our capital fund need for this Vision is not yet defined, but we expect it to be 'God-sized'.  It is likely to be far beyond our means, but not beyond His! 

We hope to provide more specifics about the Deerfoot Vision soon.  If you have any questions or input to provide, please don't hesitate to contact Chief Ron, or email your questions/comments to