Introducing CampMinder

This year we will be using CampMinder’s dedicated camp management software for registration.  This software should make the process easier and simpler going forward.  CampMinder allows you to create an account, called your “CampInTouch” account, that you will update and have access to as long as your child is a camper at Deerfoot.  This account allows you to enter much of your information before registration day, which will make the actual registration much less hectic.  We strongly recommend that you take the following steps to prepare your account and familiarize yourself with the system before registration day.  

 If you did not have a son at Deerfoot last summer


Enter your contact information in the online form.    Once you’ve completed this step you will be redirected to a “Log-In” screen for CampInTouch.  You may then proceed with the steps below.  

If your son was a camper at Deerfoot last summer


 Follow the link and continue with the steps below.  Note:  Even if you are registering a son who is new to Deerfoot, follow this link if one of his brothers was a camper last summer.

1.  On the Log-In Screen, click “Retrieve/Set Password” to set up your password.   

2.  A password prompt will be sent to your email.  The link in this email will allow you to choose a password and finalize your CampInTouch account.  NOTE:  A few returning camper users have reported getting an error message or not receiving an email during this step.  If that occurs, click here, fill in the form, and then return to step 1.  

3.  Once your CampInTouch account has been created, you will have access to it at any time.  There is no further action that you need to take until your registration day. 

On Registration Day…

1.  To Register:  Simply log in to the CampInTouch account you created above (To navigate to the page, we recommend “bookmarking” the page ahead of time in your web browser, but alternatively you can enter  On your “My Account” page, (the page you automatically arrive at upon logging in), you will see an icon for “Camper Application” once Phase 1 has opened.  Click that icon to begin registration.  

2.  The “Camper Application” icon will appear on Dec. 1 for all Deerfoot families, regardless of what phase you are registering in.  Please do not register before your registration phase opens.  We cannot accept registrations before your official registration phase.  Registration will open at 7:00 AM (EST) on the day of each registration phase.  Before Phases 2 and 3 there will be a 24-hour closure in registration prior to the 7:00 AM opening.  The Camper Application icon will not appear during this time, but will show up when you open your CampInTouch account any time after 7:00 AM (EST) on the day of your registration phase.  

If you have questions regarding this system, or about Deerfoot in general, please feel free to contact Chief Craig by emailing or at 518-620-3827.