October 21, 2107
A one-day fundraising event where Deerfooters all over the globe can
raise support through outdoor activity. 

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What is Deerfoot Day Out?

Deerfoot Day Out is an optional one-day fundraising event (October 21) where Deerfooters all over the globe can raise support through outdoor activity. Recruit sponsors for distance or time spent doing a ‘Deerfoot-type’ activity. The Deerfoot challenge is to collectively cover 1000 miles (The distance from DL BR to DL ADK). All proceeds will go to the Deerfoot Blue Campaign to build Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge in Glenville, NC.

1. A family of five gathers support for $20 per mile and hikes 4 miles. That family would have earned $400 and 20 miles towards DL’s goal.

2. A grandmother, mother and daughter muster support for $5 per lap around their local track, park or neighborhood. They each walk 8 laps; all at once or throughout the day. They would have earned $120 and report an estimated miles walked to be added towards DL’s mileage goal.

3.The Guides of ‘insert year’ reunite to gain sponsors and tackle a Guide-sized goal.

Who Can Participate?

Campers, Staff, Alumni, moms, sisters, grandparents, and friends are all welcome to participate at Deerfoot Day out.

Want to work as a team (i.e. Lone Eagles, or Guide Group, or Kitchen Staff, etc.)? You can set up a team site at Crowdrise.

How Do I Register?

Go to to set up your fundraiser page. You will then have a personal link to give to people who sponsor you.

Also, go to Facebook Deerfoot Day Out Event to indicate your participation and connect with other Deerfoot Day Out participants.

How Do I Recruit Sponsors?

1) Decide on the activity you will do. Are you going to run a certain distance? Walk? Hike? Bike? Paddle? or something else?
2)Register at the Crowdrise site (see "How do I Register?", above). Once you register, you will receive a personal link to share with sponsors so that they can donate to your event.
3) Ask others to sponsor you. Download and adapt the Deerfoot Day Out Letter Template to use as a resource. Be sure to explain why you are asking for sponsors by sharing the impact Deerfoot has had for you and the vision to start Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge (Direct them to WWW.Deerfoot.Org/Vision). The best way to promote your 'fundraiser' is in person, but you should also take advantage of your social media networks.
4) Be sure to report back to your sponsors after the event to share what you did and to thank them for their support of Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge.

When is it?

Deerfoot Day Out is on October 21. We're encouraging everyone to plan their activities for that date, but we recognize that may not be possible for some. In that case, choose a date that works for your participation.

What Kinds of Activities Can I Do?

Think of a Deerfoot-type activity that you can do in your area. Walking, hiking, running, biking, paddling...something human powered. The Deerfoot Day Out goal is to accumulate at least 1000 miles, which is the approximate distance from DL Adirondack to DL Blue Ridge.

Another idea is to link up with other Deerfooters in your area. Perhaps you want to create a regional team (for example Team Chicago) and set a collective goal. Or, a team based on your Deerfoot connection, such as Guides of '15. You can set up your team at Crowdrise to track your team progress.

Important: What you do and where you do it is up to you. Your activity is at your own risk. As always, be smart and be safe. Plan an activity that is reasonable for you. Use proper equipment and take precautions. If you are camper aged, be sure to include a parent or another adult.

How Do Sponsors Give Money Through Deerfoot Day Out?

Each Deerfoot Day Out participant will have a personal website on Crowdrise , our Deerfoot Day Out fundraising site. When your site is completed, you will get a link to your personal fundraising page. Send this link to sponsors. It will take them directly to your site to donate on your behalf.

What If A Sponsor Wants To Give A Check?

If your sponsor(s) prefer to give a check, send it to Deerfoot’s office (PO Box 228, Speculator, NY 12164) Please be sure to include a notice indicating that this is a DDO sponsor check and for which Deerfoot Day Out participant.

Information for Sponsors

How Do I Donate Money To Someone Doing Deerfoot Day Out?

Each participant will have a personal website on Crowdrise , our Deerfoot Day Out fundraising site. You can go to the site and search for your participant by name, or ssk them for their personal fundraising page link. Then click DONATE on their page.

What if I want to send a check?

Please send checks to: Deerfoot Lodge, P.O. Box 228, Speculator, NY 12164. Make a note that it is for Deerfoot Day Out and which participant you are sponsoring.

What If I Want To Donate More Tthan $500 For A Participant In Deerfoot Day Out?

If your donation is more than $500, please send a check to Deerfoot’s office (Deerfoot Lodge, PO Box 228, Speculator, NY 12164)

Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

Yes. Deerfoot Lodge is a 501c3 organization. We are incorporated as Christian Camps, Inc. and do business as Deerfoot Lodge. All contributions to Deerfoot Lodge are tax deductible.