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Deerfoot provides something that we as parents can't provide. Coming here opens opportunities to achieve things and experience things that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Especially spiritually. The atmosphere and camaraderie for Jesus is incredible. And you can't find that anywhere else.

Susan GnadeDeerfoot Parent

Deerfoot builds godly Christian men, and has done so for decades! Recommended without reservation!

Kenyon KnappDeerfoot Parent

Deerfoot is my favorite place in the world. I spent 16 consecutive summers at Deerfoot from 1998-2013. My life, friends, and relationship with God were forever changed because of what God has done and is doing through Deerfoot.

Chris BilezikianDeerfoot Camper & Staff Alumni

DL has touched, influenced, and encouraged 3 generations of men in our family; my father, my brother and cousins, nephews, and all 3 of our sons. Thank you for the DL ministry.

Lucy BurksDeerfoot Parent

A history that

tells His story.

Since 1930, Deerfoot has been diving deeper into faith. We explore what it really means to be a man. We connect personally with each other, we encourage one another along the trail, and we make memories that are passed down from generation to generation. We cherish what Deerfoot meant to our campers, and what it still means.