Thank you for supporting the ministry of Deerfoot Lodge. Deerfoot’s mission to build godly men would not be possible without the generous gifts of donors. 40% of Deerfoot’s operating income comes from donations to the general fund. Keep reading to learn about other methods of giving and Deerfoot’s use of your donation.

'Finish Strong' Matching Challenge until September 30!

A small group of Deerfoot donors is providing a matching fund of $100,000 as a challenge to the Deerfoot community during September 2020. Your contribution to Deerfoot’s Finish Strong Matching Challenge will help reduce the impact of the lost camp season and strengthen our foundation for the coming year. Use any of the giving methods below. Thank you!

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Give Online

Click here to make a one time or recurring donation online via credit card or electronic fund transfer to both Deerfoot Lodge ADK & BR.

DL Blue Capital Campaign

The DL Blue Campaign began in 2016 to completely fund the start of a whole new camp in NC. Learn more here.

Give by

Checks for both NC & NY camps can be made payable to Deerfoot Lodge and mailed to PO Box 228, Speculator, NY 12164.

Give Stocks

Click here to contact Chief Ron for our broker information for easy donation of stocks.

How does Deerfoot use my donation?


General Fund

The General Fund is our primary annual support need. Without this support, we would be forced to raise our camper fee 30%.

DL Blue Capital Campaign

The Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge Camp vision is funded by the DL Blue Campaign in entirety. We are currently in the Completion Phase of the DL Blue Campaign, seeking to raise $4.5M by March 31, 2021.

Camper Scholarship Fund

Our goal is to provide scholarship help to every needful camper.

Capital Projects

Capital improvements include camper vans, new buildings, and other major upgrades to the properties.

Memorial Fund

Funds my be given in memory of a particular person. Gifts given as memorial are acknowledged in the Newsletter each Spring and Fall.

Endowment Funds

Deerfoot maintains several endowment funds which support operations, as well as staff and camper scholarships.

Please contact Chief Ron with any questions or for more information. You may designate your gift to a particular fund, or simply leave your gift to be applied to the General Fund which is applied ‘where most needed’.