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Deerfoot’s historic interest in world missions grows naturally out of its mission to build godly men.  Many Deerfoot alumni who have gone into missionary service report that their Deerfoot experience was formative to their calling and preparation for missionary service.  Missionary work is promoted and an offering is taken to support missions during each session at camp.

In an effort to promote world missions before Deerfooters,  we have established a list of ‘endorsed’ DL missionaries made up of alumni or ministries that have close ties to Deerfoot. DL endorsement means that we highlight the work of these missionaries as a global extension of Deerfoot’s mission.  While endorsement by DL does not include a promise of financial support from the camp, individual Deerfooters, as led by the Lord, are encouraged to contact DL-endorsed missionaries to subscribe to newsletters or provide personal support.

Contact  Chief Ron at to learn more about the process to become a Deerfoot endorsed missionary

Bob & Laura Mackey

Bob and Laura minister to refugees and others who are part of the international community in Knoxville, TN. Bob was a DL camper & staff during the ’70s/’80s

Serves in Bolivia. DL History: Staff, ’90s

Peter and Sharon have a vision to see a healthy reproducing church planted in Madrid, Spain. Peter was a Deerfoot staff member in the ’70s.

Serving the refugee community through The Oasis Ministry Center in Austria. Subscribe to the Meyer family newsletter here. Ken was a Deerfoot camper and staff member in the ’90s.

Rick and Becky serve in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, equipping and strengthening churches and helping them as they plant new churches.
DL History: Camper & Staff, 70s/’80s

DL History: Camper/Staff/Board,’70s-present

African Inland Missions International
Michael and Jillian Wills  and their kids, Noah, Maddie, and Tyler serve at Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school for the children of missionaries who are bringing the gospel to the continent of Africa, many working among unreached people groups. To contact or request email updates:

Serving in South Africa
DL History: Camper & Staff, ’80s/’90s