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Deerfoot’s history has been about God’s faithfulness in expanding one man’s vision to build godly men. Today, men all over the world see Deerfoot as a significant influence in their lives. In a world where many boys ‘fail to launch’, boys and young men need a place like Deerfoot more than ever. We decided to act after facing a capacity challenge for more than a decade, leaving many would-be campers (even returning campers) on waitlists. The DL Blue Campaign began in 2016 with the vision to build a second Deerfoot Lodge in NC (with no long-term debt), and reach twice the number of boys and young men for Jesus. This has been a journey of bold faith and we have seen God’s mighty hand act in our midst. The vision is happening through the generosity of donors and the blessing of God. 

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

The dream to launch Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge felt far-fetched in 2015 when we imagined raising $15M dollars and building a new camp from scratch. Hundreds of donors, prayer partners, and volunteers pitched in and God made it happen. After two seasons we can testify that the vision to reach more boys is happening!

In April 2021, we reached the $15 million goal!


Join us for a Celebration Event at the Blue Ridge camp, September 17-18, 2022.
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Thank you for your gifts to the DL Blue Campaign!

Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge launched and is thriving, To God be the Glory!  Thank you for helping us to complete the campaign. Construction of the 7000 sq. ft. Dining Lodge is happening now, as well as more tree houses.

We welcome volunteer work teams to help! Contact Chief Nick Dotti ( to learn more.